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9th Class Guess Paper on Physics (Annual Exam 2020)

9th Class Guess Paper on Physics (Annual Exam 2020). Fathomed Important Questions for Islamabad Model Schools and Colleges/Federal Board (FBISE) Islamabad. 2. The understudies of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) concentrating […]

1st Year Physics Guess Papers 2019-20

For All Punjab Boards Chapter No1 Define radian and steradian? 2) Differentiate between random and systematic error? 3) Find the dimension of ? used in equation F= 6p?rv.? 4) Write […]

2nd Year Physice Guess Papers 2019-20

IMPORTANT SHORT QUESTIONS, PROBLEMS AND EXAMPLES CHAPTER NO: 12 SQ: 12.1-12.3-12.5 Problems: 12.3-12.4-12.5-12.6-12.7 Examples: 12.1-12.2-12.6 CHAPTER NO: 13 SQ: 13.4-13.8 Problems: 13.6-13.7 Examples: 13.4 CHAPTER NO: 14 SQ: 14.6-14.8-14.11-14.14-14.15 Problems: […]

10th Physics Guess Papers 2019-20

Short Question Short Questions are in All chapters exercise & 5-year Paper prepare ch. 10/11+12(n) 13+14 17+18 or four Chapters in following Long Questions simple harmonic motion simple pendulum characterize […]