How To Live Stream PUBG from Mobile

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In this ongoing time, everybody is going
Closer to Games. I such fond there is a very huge
The interest of people built in Playing the Games.
With Playing such games every person desires to Share his/her
live stream video ( PUBG ) to his friends and the Public.
In this case you will have the Many options to do that.
Today we gonna tell you about the method of going live on
your youtube channel and start the live streaming On your channel.
According to the Very Great Enjoying criteria, PUBG
Does the most common Gaming Trend happen? Because of People
Tries to play some Interesting game and PUBG is One of them,
Pubg Provides the many features by using them. The user can Feel Amazing.
and Can perform Better.

pubg mobile live streaming

How To Play PUBG:
In Order to Play PUBG game, there are many Issues have been faced by the
People. Issues include, ( Live Stream Pubg, Play Pubg Online,
Install Pubg on Computer/Laptop, Play Pubg On Mobile) etc,
There are few methods which can solve these all problems in Playing pubg
On mobile, Live stream pubg game, Install pubg on Mobile,
Install pubg on PC/Laptop.
In this Article Qe gonna share with you the Several
Ways regarding them you can play pubg on Mobile & you can also
Live Stream Pubg from Your Android Mobile.
There are many ways to live stream pubg mobile like I would recommend an application by using that you
will be able to play live stream Pubg in your mobile and
Android device.

Regarding an App, you can Go as Live Pubg On your Mobile or An Android Cellphone.
There are many Applications in the Market which are making you
Sure that by using them you will be able to play and also
live stream pub on your android mobile and also you can go live
Pubg from Mobile.

How to live Stream PUBG from mobile?

pubg mobile darkest night mode

Let’s talk about the solution Of Live stream PUBG On Mobile.
We Guide Step By step About live stream PUBG on Mobile.
You just have to follow these steps to go through the LIve streaming,
After following the exact things & the exact Steps you will be able to

Start the Live Stream On Youtube From The Youtube Channe.
So, Start
1.First of all Go to google Chrome Browser and click in the search box
2. Now write OBS in the Search box & click Enter
3. Then go to the official Site of OBS & download it
4. Now, download PUBG emolater by searching in the Google Chrome,
5. Then Open the Emolater.
6. Then Install and Start the OBS.
7. First of all Add the scene into it,
8. Add the Source,
9. Select Window Capture device to run the game,
10.Now add the window to show the Game.
11. PUBG will start running
12. PUBG mobile will start loading.
13. Now it came to the screen.
14. Now add window capture device and add the webcame.
15. Then adjust the camera icon Placement.
16 You can also download and add the frame of webcame.
17. Then adjust the webcame frame,
18. Now we have to do Live stream the PUBG from mobile,
19. Now you can select the audio level and device from the properties,
20. Then you can also add the other functions.
21. Now you have to open the Browser and you have to open your gmail Account and go
to You YouTube channel, Open it and go to My Channel,
22. Then go to Live Stream Option,
23. After that you have to copy the stream and you can also set the properties
of the Live Stream in The Basic Settings.
You can add Tittle, can also add the Description of the Live Stream.
24. Then now get back to the OBS.
25.Then Past the key and select the Youtube Gaming,
26Then click Ok and click on The Live Streaming,
27.It will take some time to come to the live Stream.
28. So it will be started.
…. Then Your Pubg game will start Running and You can Enjoy
So By using this way You can Live Stream PUBG from Mobile On Youtube channel.

Download PUBG Mobile From Here : GET PUBG

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