How to Get First 1K Views on YouTube By Commenting – YouTube Money in Urdu/Hindi 2019

Hi Everyone, today i tell you how to get first 1000 views on your YouTube videos by commenting on other viral videos it’s very powerful trick NOT SPAM first copy your video title and URL and then post into other videos comment sections which videos are similar like your video for example my video title is how to download new released movies from any website then i need to copy my video title and URL and post into other viral movies comment section because movies lover are also waiting for news released movies and many people clicks on your comment and then you get many clicks from other videos and it is very awesome trick.


  • First find 20 viral videos on YouTube
  • Do not find some videos which not similar like your video
  • Copy your video Title and URL
  • Then post into other videos comment section
  • First check your comment is on review or posted
  • Your commenting is in review then delete it it’s mean your comment is on spam folder.
  • Your comment is posted it is good for you
  • Now say to someone for liking your comment it’s helped your comment to show first.

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