Good News For New YouTubers YouTube Copyright Match Tool in Enabling on 6000 Subscribers 2019

Hello Everyone, today i talk about copyright match tool and what is benefit of this tool, copyright match tool help you to find who is re-uploaded your content on their channels this tool is only enabled on some channels who have achieved 100k subscribers channel but now YouTube is updating and also spreading their features to all new YouTuber like community tab and some other features available on new channel who have 1k subscribers only but copyright match tool feature is only available in 100k subscribers channel and now you think how i got this feature without 100k subscriber only on 6k subscribers it’s YouTube work why they give me this feature by the way it’s good news for new creators because every new creator want this feature because it help you to find who is using your content on their channels.

You have 3 options on copyright match tool feature

  1. Move to Archive, it’s mean you don’t want to take any action.
  2. Request Video Removal, it’s mean you can submit your request to YouTube for give then strike and removed your video from other channel.
  3. Contact Channel. it’s mean you don’t want to send strike (Penalty). You have contact option which help you to remove your video from other channel who have uploaded your video on their channel.
  4. Many More Features Also Included in (CMT)

YouTube Copyright Match Tool is Very Awesome Tool

it show you how many percent other channel owner uploaded you content it help you to track matches part from other video.

this tool also show you other channel complete information who have uploaded your content like

  • Channel Name + link
  • Video Tile + Link
  • Uploaded Date
  • Also Many Features

What i Recommend You About What Action You Need to Take on Someone Who Have Re-uploaded Your Content in My Thinking You Need to Leave Them It’s Great Way to Get Many More Traffic From Other Channels Otherwise YouTube Says Don’t Think About How Much Someone Earn From Your Video 90 Percent Revenue Share with You Because You is Original Owner & Other Channels Earn 10 Percent From Your Video Thanks i Hope You Enjoy This Post.

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