9th Class Guess Paper on Biology (Annual Exam 2020)

Important Short Questions:

  • 1.Define Embryology and Histology.
  • 2.Define Horticulture and Animal Husbandary.
  • 3.What is the scientific name of Mustard Plant and Frog?
  • 4.What are the steps involved in Biological Method to solve a biological problem?
  • 5.Differentiate between qualitative and quantitative observations.
  • 6.Develop a deduction from the hypothesis. “All Plants cell have a nucleus”
  • 7.Describe steps involved in solving biological problem taking MALARIA as example.
  • 8.Define biodiversity and write its importance.
  • 9.Define flora and fauna and factors its depend?
  • 10.What is the basis of classification. Give example.
  • 11.In which species the criteria of interbreeding cannot be used?
  • 12.Describe the role of Carlous Linnaeus?
  • 13.What are Prions and Viroids?
  • 14.What are extinct and endangered species?
  • 15.Write a note on five kingdom classification?
  • 16.Write a note on binomial nomenclature and its importance.
  • 17.What is importance of forests.
  • 18.Differentiate between Magnification and Resolution.
  • 19.Difference between Light and Electron Microscopes.
  • 20.Differentiate between TEM and SEM.
  • 21.Who presented the cell theory. Give its salient features.
  • 22.Differentiate between cell membrane and clel wall.
  • 23.Describe the history of formulation of cell theory.
  • 24.What is Fluid Mosaic Model.
  • 25.Write a note on Endoplasmic Reticulum.
  • 26.Differentiate between Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells.
  • 27.Write a note on facilitated diffusion.
  • 28.note on Active Transport
  • 29.Write a note on Endocytosis and Exocytosis.
  • 30.Write a note on Meristhematic tissue.
  • 31.Differentiate between Somatic and Germ Line Cells.
  • 32.Why cell division of Prokaryotes is not called mitosis?
  • 33.Differentiate between cytokinesis and karyokinesis.
  • 34.What is Phrogmoplast?
  • 35.Define crossing over and its importance.
  • 36.explain alternation of generation in plants.
  • 37.Define apoptosis and enlist the changes that take splace in apoptosis.
  • 38.Write a note on mitosis.
  • 39.Describe significance of mitosis.
  • 40.Write a note on meiosis.
  • 41.Describe significance of meiosis.
  • 42.Write a note on necrosis.
  • 43.Differentiate between anabolism and catabolism.
  • 44.Differentiate between substrate and products.
  • 45.Define optimum temperature and PH.
  • 46.Describe the characteristics of enzymes.
  • 47.What is NAD and FAD?
  • 48.Differentiate between oxidation and reduction.
  • 49.Difference between light and dark reactions.
  • 50.Differentiate between aerobic and anaerobic respiration.
  • 51.Write a note on ATP
  • 52.Differentiate between photosynthesis and respiration.
  • 56.Difference between autotrophs and heterotrophs.
  • 57.Differentiate between macro nutrients and micro nutrients.
  • 58.What is Rhodopsin? Why it is needed?
  • 59.What is scurvy? Give its symptoms.
  • 60.What is malnutritionand problems arises in malnutrition.
  • 61.Briefly describe the role of liver.
  • 62.Describe importance of fertilizers.
  • 63.Important minerals in Human diet and their roles.
  • 64.Write a note on balanced diet.
  • 65.What are effects of malnutrition.
  • 66.Describe the role of Pharynx and Oesophagus in swallowing and peristalsis?
  • 67.Describe role of stomach in digestion.
  • 68.What is role of small intestine in digestion.
  • 69.Differentiate between granulocytes and agranulocytes.
  • 70.What is leukemia? How it is treated?
  • 71.antigens and antibodies?
  • 72.What pulmonary and systemic circulation?
  • 73.What is cardiac diastole and atrial systole and ventricular systole?
  • 74.angina pectoris?
  • 75.Write a note on transpiration.
  • 76.Describe the mechanism of opening and closing of stomata.
  • 77.Describe the factors affecting the rate of transpiration.
  • 78.Significance of transpiration.
  • 79.Write a note on blood and its disorders.
  • 80.Write a note on ABO blood groups.
  • 81.note on human heart
  • 82.Comparison of arteries, capillaries and veins.
  • 83.Write a note on Venus system of man.
  • 84.Write a note on myocardial infraction and angina pectoris

Importan Long Questions :

Question 1:

  1. A)     What is biology? Give these branches?
  2. B)      Which steps involved in biological method? Explain it?

Question 2:

  1. A)     Define Biodiversity? Explain Binomial Nomenclature?
  2. B)      Difference between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cell?

Question 3:

  1. A)     What do you know plant and animal tissue? Explain it?
  2. B)      Give cell organize in details?

Question 4:

  1. A)     Short note on: (i) E.M, (ii) Fluid Mosaic Model
  2. B)      Draw and Labeled Plant and Animal Cell?

Question 5:

  1. A)     What do you know about apoptosis and necrosis?
  2. B)      Write detail note on

(i)                  Mechanism of enzymes action

(ii)                Factor affecting on enzyme action

Question 6:

  1. A)     Mechanism of photosynthesis?
  2. B)      Mechanism of respiration?
  3. C)      ATP structure? Briefly explain it?

Question 7:

  1. A)     Detail note on Vitamins?
  2. B)      Give anatomy of liver and give their silent function?

Question 8:

  1. A)     Give the anatomy of human heart?
  2. B)      why composition of blood give their disorder ?

Question 9:

  1. A)     Detail note on blood vessels?
  2. B)      Discuss human bold circulatory system?

Question 10:

Short Note on

(i)                  Balance Diet

(ii)                Malnutrition

(iii)               Disorder of Gut

(iv)              Factor affecting the rate of transpiration

(v)                 Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration?

Chapter-wise MCQs, Short Questions and Long Questions Combination Scheme

S. NoChapter NameWeightage
Marks DistributionMCQ(s)Short Answer Question(s)Long Question Answer(s)
1Introduction to Biology16.6710221
2Solving a Biological Problem8.33512
4Cells and Tissues21.6713231
5Cell Cycle8.33512
Marks:MCQs                            12Short                              30Long                              18Total                              60

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