9th Class Guess Paper on Physics (Annual Exam 2020)

9th Class Guess Paper on Physics (Annual Exam 2020).

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9th Important Shorts for All Boards

What is meant by Vernier Constant or Least Count?

What is the use of Zero Error?. Why it is necessary in a measuring instrument?

Define significant figures.

What is Andromeda?

Describe Lord Kelvin Statement.

Define Unit. Write units of System International.

Define prefixes?

What is Hubble space telescope?

Difference between Scalar and Vector quantities.

Differentiate between Distance and Displacement.

Difference between Speed and Velocity.

Difference between Linear and Random motion.

What is Gyration Length?

Define Kinematics.

What change will occur in equation of motions under gravity?

Define Inertia.

Define Centripetal force?

Differentiate between Mass and Weight.

Differentiate between Sliding and Rolling Friction.

Why it is dangerous to travel on the roof of a bus?

Why does a passenger move outward. a bus takes a turn?

If action and reaction are always equal and opposite, how does a body moves?

A horse pushes the cart. action and reaction are always equal or opposite, how does a cart move?

Define the law of conversation of momentum. Why it is important?

A gun is fired, it recoils Why?

Write two situations in which force of friction is needed.

Describe ways to reduce friction.

Why the outer edge of the road is kept higher (Banking of Road)?

On what principal cream separator works? / How does cream separator works?

Define dynamics.

What is Atwood Machine?

Why fragile objects are packed with suitable materials?

Define system but isolated system.

What is co-efficient of friction?

Why Ball bearings are used to reduce friction?

Describe the advantages of friction.

Define Torque.

Define Center of Gravity.

Differentiate between torque and couple.

Differentiate between stable and neutral equilibrium.

how a body is said to be in equilibrium ?

Give an example of moving body which is in equilibrium?

A body which is in rest and not in equilibrium.

Why the height of vehicles is kept as low as possible?

Women and children in the villages often carry pitchers on their heads. How this is possible?

What is trigonometry?

What is rigid body?

axis of rotation?

Define moment arm.

Define center of gravity.

How does a paratrooper come down?

Define terminal velocity

Why a vehicle is made heavy at its bottom?

What is force of gravitation.

Define gravitational field.

What is global positioning system (GPS)?

Why does value of “g” vary from place to place?

On what factors orbital speed of a satellite depends?

Why communication satellite are stationed at geostationary orbit?

Define work. but What is its SI unit?

What is Pole Vaulter?

Explain mass energy equation. E=mc2

Define ideal system / machine.

What does a force work. Explain?

Which form of energy is most preferred and why?

Define power.

Define Watt.

What is Hydrometer?

What is meant by deforming force?

Differentiate between stress and strain?

State Pascal’s law how ?

What is Hook’s law. What is meant by elastic limit.

Archimedes principal.

thermal conduct and so thermal equilibrium.

energy in transit and internal energy.

how Define heat capacity.

Define thermal expansion.

gaps are left in railway tracks why?

gaps are left in bridges with rollers?

overhead transmission lines are given a certain amount of sag why?

What is the use of bimetallic strip in thermostats?

What is anomalous expansion of water?

Explain volumetric thermal expansion.

specific heat

Define latent heat of fusion.

latest heat of vaporization

9th Importan Longs For All Boards

how Define Translatory motion and explain its types.

Newton’s First Equation of Motion.

Derive Newton’s Second Equation of Motion.

Derive Newton’s Third Equation of Motion.

how Explain Newton’s first law of motion with examples.

Explain Newtons second law of motion with examples. Prove F = ma.

Newtons third law of motion with examples.

how Explain first condition of equilibrium

second condition of equilibrium

Describe the types of equilibrium.

Perform an experiment to find out the center of body of an irregular body.

What are geo-stationary satellites. What are their uses?

Define and explain Law of gravitation. but derive the mass of earth with the help of this law.

Define Kinetic Energy. derive the relation for K.E?

What do you know about Youn’g modulus of an object? so How would you determine it?

Define and explain Archimedes principal.

Explain the working of Hydraulic Press.

What is upthrust? Explain. What is principal of flotation.

Describe importance of large specific heat capacity of water.

Derive the relation of Linear thermal expansion in solids.

Chapter-wise MCQs, Short Questions and Long Questions Combination Scheme

S. NoChapter NameWeightage
Marks DistributionMCQ(s)Short Answer Question(s)Long Question Answer(s)
1Physical Quantities And Measurements13823
4Turning Effect Of Forces1811/12131
6Work And Energy1811/12131
7Properties Of Matter1811/12131
8Thermal Properties Of Matter159/10121
9Transfer Of Heat13823
Marks:MCQs                            12Short                              30Long                              18Total                              60

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