1st Year English Guess Papers 2019-20

Questions ch (1-15)

1. What was the viewpoint of the parents of Gorgeous? 2. How much more dangerous a Martian virus can be? 3. What was the advice Harry gave to people? 4.Condition of Roger when the woman gave a few jerks? 5.Why Robert keep claiming his innocence till his death? 6.Advice of Ausherman to people? 7. Creative sufferings of veterans of the qualities? 8.why people come out at the mall? 9.what was the role of Qazi? 10. What was the dream of Luther King? 11.what was the cause of Negro discontentment? 12.Molvi Abul appearance? 13.Condition of the tonsils of sick girl? 14.how Gorgeous achieve his ambition? 15.why Steward continued persuading Norma?

PLAYS (1,2,3)

1. How did the girl realize the truth? 2. What kind of judge Applegarth? 3.how kreton impress general power? 4.purpose visit of kreton? 5.Harry’s philosophy of life? 6.Why did Clark already return? 7. What kind of life do you foresee in 5000? 8.why girl accompany the first man? 9.what Clark already need money? 10.Why did the 2nd man accuse the first man?


How does cherry look? 2. What did the traveler see in the desert? 3.Without Whose Love Bullah in Loss? 4.Why Mansour mount the gallow? 5.Who can’t compete for civilization of Makkah? 6.Why did people look like powerless and helpless? 7. What did poet reflect when he saw a sindhi woman? 8.who was Ozymandias? 9.role of time in human life? 10 how reader frighten the rider?


Character Certificate, change of subjects’ registration of fine, readmission


Union is a strength, greed is a curse, honesty is the best policy ‘ pride kept a fall; might is right

Pairs of words

First 80

Urdu translation

Button Button, clearing the sky, locusts, God is praised, overcoat.

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