1st Year Biology Guess Papers 2019-20

Chapter Important Questions

1 Bio in the service of humans (health, food, environment) Biological method.
2 Carbohydrates, lipids, level proteins.
3 Factor affecting rate reaction
4 P.membrane.Golgi apparatus, cytoskeleton, lysosomes, mitochondria, plastids
5 TWO Five-Kingdom system life cycle phage virus.aids
6 Structure of bacterial cell.nutrition fact.
8 Nutrition Reproduction, Basidiomycota, the imp of fungi.
9 Anthoceropsidia, Evolution seed & leaf, life cycle adiantum, angiosperms, imp rosacea, Solanaceae, Poaceae
10 Protostomes & deuterostomes, parasitic adaptation to Platyhelminthes. Mollusca.chordate characters.
11 Light, Dar reaction Kreb cycle, Glycolysis
12 Nutrition insectivorous plants.stomach.absorption food
14 Ascent sap, blood, lymphatic system, transpiration, comparison open & close system.

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