2nd Year Biology Guess Papers 2019-20

Short Questions

Define Homeostasis?

Define anhydrobiosis with an example?

What is meant by Lithotripsy?

What are the different characters of the Profundal Zone of a lake?

What are the food web and its contributions to the ecosystem?

Difference between chlorosis and. etiolation?

Differentiate between tetanus and muscle tetany?

Differentiate between Osmoconformers and osmoregulators?

How muscle fatigue is produced?

What is ecdysis?

What is tendon?

What is gall in plants?

How does nicotine affect the body?

Differentiate between ureotelic and uricotelic animals.

What is pyrexia and what is it?

Explain deamination?

What is protonephridium?

What are jutamedullary nephrons?

Define turgor pressure? What is it important?

What are auxius? How do they affect plant movement?

What are Meristems?

What are adaptations in plants to high temperatures?

Differentiate between hinje joint and ball and socket joint?

Define vernalization?

Explain after birth in human female?

What is the role of placenta in maintaining pregnancy in human female?

Différentiate between growth and development?

Define growth correlation?

What is ovoviviparous animals?

Define apoptosis?

Define the circadian rhythm?

What are cranial and spinal nerves?

What is imprinting?

What is tissue culturing?

How is peritoneal dialysis carried out?

What is the parasympathetic nervous system?

What is the role of flowering in phytochrome in long day and short day plants?
Differentiate between Ligament and tendon?

What are transgenic animals?

What are the food chain and food web?

Explain the greenhouse effect?

Define demography?

Explain soil depletion?

What is taiga?

What is plankton? What are its kind?

Define ecological niche?

What is biome? Give names of some of the major biomes of the world?

What are vestigial organs?

What is coelom?

Define regeneration?

Define teratology?

What are identical twins?

How seed is formed?

Define embryonic induction?

What is Hansen’s node?

Differentiate between heterochromatin and euchromatin?

What is transcription?

Define codon?

What is anticodon?

What is the gene pool?

What is malignant cancer (Tumor)?

Explain natural selection?

What hydrothermal vents?

What is electrophoresis?

What is the function of RNA polymerase in transcription?

What is’ semi-conservative replication?

Define sex-linked traits?

Define epistasis?

Define a sex-influenced trait?

What is product rule?

What is hardy Weinberg theorem?

What are the vectors?

What is the SRY gene?

Differentiate between dominant and recessive trait?

What is meant by cell cycle?

Differentiate between mitosis and meiosis?

What is the mitotic apparatus?

What is necrosis?

Define crossing over?

What is the test cross?

What is the restriction enzyme?

What is MODY?

Long Questions

Chapter (15): Osmoregulation in various environments, excretion in plants, dialysis, liver, formation, and concentrators of urine. thermoregulation in mammals.
Chapter (16): Significance of Secondary Growth, Plant Movements, · Exoskeleton, Skull, Vertebral column, Sliding Filament Model.
Chapter (17): Plant hormones, Types of Receptors, Nerve Impulse, Pituitary gland, Thyroid gland, Adrenal gland, Learning Behaviour.
Chapter (18): Male & Female Reproductive System, Female Reproductive Cycle.
Chapter (19): Meristem, Growth Correlation. Embryonic induction, Aging.
Chapter (20): Experiment of Hershey & Chase / Meselson-Stahl, DNA replication process, transcription, genetic code, translation.
Chapter (22): Law of Segregation, Independent Assortment, Test Cross, Multiple alleles, Rh Blood groups, Sex determination, Color blindness. Incomplete dominance, Diabetes.
Chapter (24): Evidence of evolution, Evolution from Prokaryote to Eukaryote, Darwinism, Hard Weinberg’s theory and factors.
Chapter (25): Succession, symbiosis, Nzcycle.
Chapter (27): Wildlife, fossil fuel, deforestation, air pollution & its effects, eutrophication.

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