10th Chemistry Guess Papers 2019-20

Shorts Questions

All text book (Test Yourself and Exercise Questions Only)

10th Class Chemistry Long Question

  1. Dynamic equilibrium and its characteristics
  2. Reactions of acids
  3. Types of salts
  4. Law of mass action and equilibrium constant
  5. Acid and base Lewis theory
  6. Homologous series
  7. Functional groups
  8. Alkanes and their hylo junction
  9. Alkynes, alkenes and alkanes features or characteristics
  10. Classification of organic compounds
  11. Carbohydrates and their forms
  12. Acid rain and its effects
  13. Ozone and its eliminations
  14. Sources of proteins and their uses
  15. Vitamins and their types
  16. Greenhouse effect and Global warming
  17. Water hardness and its types
  18. Atmospheres and its layers
  19. Salve process and its working
  20. Preparation of urea.

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